Character generator from - Kobold Enterprise: the adventure has just begun.
Character generator from
  • Hey all, I was trying to find that amazingcharacter generator that Chgowiz made for the original m20 site, and it hasn't been posted on this one.. Or if it has, it has been cleverly hidden.. Does anyone know where i can find it?
  • The link I have doesn't work :(
  • Do you mean the monster generator?I have those files and I can get a page up for them. Dymon what link do you have that is broken?

    Fixed! ;D I'll try and get the perl script for the critter generator up as well as the instructions for using it.
  • Those look right to me!

  • I like this.

    Good enough to sticky, Seth?
  • Where did it go? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  • Not sure let me check into it.
  • Fixed moved them to instal something and forgot to put them back ^_^.
  • Hm, those links give me a 404 error…

    I am, however, reminded of my M20 Hardcore variant with a character generator I wrote at the time. It includes a link to the source code – feel free to take and adapt. :)

  • When the server got hacked those directories must have been damaged. When I have time I'll fix them.
  • I just released a character generator on the Android Market, so if you've got a droid check it out. Its called RPG Character Generator and my developer name is AC Arcana. It doesn't  make rolls but focuses on dynamic character ideas, so it can be used for most rpgs.
  • Thats awesome! I don't own a droid but if you wanted to post up a more in depth blurb on it I'd be willing to throw it up on the blog.
  • I'll make a separate thread about a couple of my apps you guys might think are cool and post it, so as not to derail this topic. I'd REALLY appreciate the advertisement if you mentioned them in your blog. There will be descriptions and links of each in my new thread.

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